Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Greatest of All Terms

As I mentioned last time, I am currently enjoying J-term. It is the best term ever created. For those of you who don't know (though really I'm pretty sure all who read this know what it is given that most of you are either family, or friends from PLU) J-term, Jan-term, is short for January Term and it is a one month term where you take one class basically. The classes are usually three hours long unless it is a PE then its only and hour or so. Oh yeah, and they're four days a week. Three day weekends every weekend.

If you were able to avoid the spoiler from last time and you aren't aware I am taking bowling this J-term and nothing but. It is the greatest class ever. All I do is show up and bowl three games everyday and then I'm done. The class is an A/Pass/Fail and the way you get an A is to bowl a single game of 200 or more or average 140 or above. I'm not close to the average yet last I was informed I am averaging 128 but I am improving. In fact this past Friday I bowled a 182. Which is my best yet with five, count 'em five, strikes in a row (it's like a turkey... but on steroids). So that should give me a better chance to get that 140 average and if I can replicate that game but only a little better I'll get a 200. No problem right? right?

So other than going to class I have been working at the gym and working out. I need to stay active now that I'm not playing soccer everyday of my life so that way I don't get fat. I know someone who won't be very happy about that. And I play FIFA 11 all the time. I'm working through a career mode as a goalkeeper (because that's what I was) and I am now with Schalke if anyone cares. Though maybe I should be doing something more productive like studying for the GRE or preparing my capstone question or at least looking for a GRE prep course. Meh I figure now's the time to enjoy life because next semester is going to be metaphorical Hell.

Oh yeah and this month marked another change. My house is full again. Two new housemates moved in and it has been a blast so far. I love hanging out with the guys in the afternoons after class and ranting about sports and bandwagon fans. It has been a lot of fun and it has really improved the house (and they clean up after themselves which is a bonus). All in all life is pretty good. Just doing what I can to have a good time and enjoy my last J-Term.

UPDATE: I bowled a 200 on the second to last day of class!

Ever getting older; ever getting closer,

To Do List:
1. Bowl 200 or average 140

Your reward:

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  1. Kit, I read your comment about thinking about prepping for the GRE, and I thought you might want to take a free practice test (and maybe even a free preview class) to get some idea of what is on the GRE and how much prep you'll need to do before taking the test. If you go to you should be able to find some options that work for you.

    As you probably know, the GRE is changing starting in August, so you're smart to consider taking the test before then.