Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Last First Day(s)

So yesterday was the start of a brand new term. Spring 2011. My last one, my last first day. And let me tell you it feels weird. Knowing that I will graduate and that I won't have another first day in the fall is daunting and ominous, especially since I don't know what I am going to be doing yet for the following year. But, I know one of you out there is currently playing a sad song for me on the world's smallest violin, so lets get on with it.

I actually kinda, sorta, missed my first day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have my capstone class for economics and I thought that it started at 1:45 but in actuality it started at 11:50. Oops. I found out because a friend in the class texted me asking where I was which made me panic and check when the class actually was. Low and behold I was wrong and I missed class. At least I got to watch the 4-4 barn burner of a match between Newcastle and Arsenal. Once the class was over I met with the prof and found out what I missed and what I needed to do for Thursdays class. She understood and was fine with it. It pays to have already had her for class and we were friends there. It turns out that I need to figure out my topic and find my data by Thursday. Yay!

The good thing about college is that not all classes are on one day. I had two classes today. Didn't miss either of them. Good thing for second chances. Both math classes. One is multivariable calculus and the other intro to proofs. And yes both are prereqs, which I did not have for the math class from last semester. I'm more worried about the calculus one because I have not had calc since fall of 2007. Proofs should be kinda like linear in the fact that I had to do proofs in linear so I'm feeling better about that one. Plus I absolutely rocked a logic problem in class. I'll let you guys try it for fun.

The five Dukes of Earl are scheduled to arrive at the royal palace on each of the first five days of May. Duke One is scheduled to arrive on the first day of May, Duke Two on the 2nd, etc. Each Duke, upon arrival, can either kill the king or support the king. If he kills the King, he takes the king's place, becomes the new king, and awaits the next Duke's arrival. If he supports the King, all subsequent Dukes cancel their visits. A Duke's first priority is to remain alive, and his second priority is to become king. Who is king on May 6th?

Post your answers in the comments section and I will let you know the answer after some time has elapsed. Maybe next week.

So that's how this semester will be shaping up. It's only twelve credits but I will be plenty busy with those three classes.

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To Do List
1. Graduate
2. Get Good Grades

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