Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Another semester has come and gone and I am still alive. I know it ended a while ago but I got busy with the holidays and needed a break from writing since I had to do a bit of that near the end of semester for not fun reasons, like getting a good grade and finals. So lets recap what has happened since last time.

I got a new follower with the last post. I am now up to 4, not that I'm keeping count but I know you guys are interested in that sort of thing. Once I get enough I will have to come up for a name for you guys. Mark Titus already has the Trillion Man March so that is off the table. I am open for suggestion in preparation for when I have a respectable following. (That sounds cult-ish).

Finals happened. I had three finals. Two were on Monday, my hardest and most important ones of course. They were Labor Economics and Linear Algebra. One would think that it would be better to have finals on Monday because then you can study all weekend, but what really happens is on Friday you say, "I don't need to study today because I have all weekend to do it" and then on Saturday you say, "I have sunday and I can spend half the day on one and the other half on the other" and finally on Sunday you say "Shit, I should have studied." That happens every time... guaranteed... to everyone. They went well. And then on Wednesday I had my Public Policy final. Two weeks before I had turned in a research paper on unemployment (kinda a double dipper for this and my labor class). I had the option to write a longer paper and skip the final but I opted for the final. It turns out this wasn't a popular option and after taking the test I'm wondering if I should have taken it anyways. The final was the most BS final I have ever taken in my college career. This class is about public policy and what makes good public policy and how to make it. Instead, the test was about knowing facts like "According to CDC how many Americans are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection?" Worst class ever. I did well on the short answer portion though. It was actually applicable to what little we had learned.

Then I had to wait for my grades, and wait, and wait and wait, and now you're getting the idea. I ended up doing well actually. I got a P in linear which is what I was hoping for and I am not even curious to what I would have gotten without the Pass/Fail (because I know it would've killed my precious GPA). Then I got an -A in Labor and a B+ in Policy. Which all averages out to a 3.5, which would be good enough for Dean's list but alas I Pass/Failed Linear. It brings up my GPA to 3.41 now. Small improvement but improvement nonetheless.

Now all I have left is J-Term, which I will write about later (Spoiler Alert: bowling) and another semester. Seven down... One to go.

Ever getting older,

To Do List:
1. enjoy J-term

Your Reward:

Q: How many economists does it take to change a light bulb?

A: One to hold it and then the world revolves around him.

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