Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hopping Back on the Horse

Wow! I don't even remember the last time I posted something. Well as you can imagine a lot has happened since I last posted something on August 4th 2010. I believe that last time I wrote I was telling you all about how I was trying to prepare to take the GRE and how I had immediate plans to do so before soccer started. Well that did not happen and has not happened yet. But hear me out first:

Soccer started about a week an a half after I last posted and I had practice three times a day and then school started along with soccer (only once a day now) and I just ran out of time to keep all of my dedicated readers (I'm up to 3 now I see) up to date with all of my grad school preparations.

First order of business. I am no longer going to grad school next year as was the plan when I started this blog, but don't worry your pretty little heads, I am still going. I just want to take a year off before I go so I can be even more prepared. I figured that I could use a little more work preparing to take the GRE and take a course so I can score really high like grad schools like. I also wanted to be sure that I could show off all of my coursework to my potential future schools. Courses like, capstone, linear algebra, and other things because I wouldn't have these on my transcripts due to the fact that most applications are due in December and January. Plus, I know I am looking like a huge softy here but, my girlfriend is a year behind me and I didn't want to leave her behind. Add all those factors together and it equals... putting off grad school.

Now lets look at what I am currently doing to make myself more attractive, schoolwise not looks because I already have that on lockdown. As I mentioned before I am taking linear algebra this year. It is hard. I am not a math major, I am an econ major, nor is this class required for econ majors, unless, like me, they have a goal of going to grad school then the grad schools highly recommend that you take it. People think I am crazy when I tell them this and for a while I thought I was too since I was not doing well in the class. I got a D on my first test which is not usually what I receive on tests so I got a little worried. I met with my professor and it turns out that I am at an even bigger disadvantage than I had thought because I hadn't taken any of the pre-reqs for the course and I shouldn't even be in the class (the only other math class I have taken at the collegiate level is calc 2). I stuck with it though and was able to make some of the missed points back on my test (yay grade inflation! (this was offered to everyone not just me)) and now it looks like I will pass the class and earn a P since I decided it was in my best interest to pass/fail the class.

Soccer has ended and I have more time now to keep everyone who may be out there updated with my quest to get into grad school. So I will be posting more frequently now than I have been. It's good to be back.

Ever getting older,

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1. pass my classes

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