Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So it is now the 4th day of August which is not a good thing in my opinion. For several reasons actually. There is one good thing though. It means I go to change the calendar to August on my sweet American Economics Association calendar and this month is Milton Friedman (I know I'm a dork but what can I say I like econ). Though he is not my favorite economist it is still fun to see who it is going to be every month. Maybe he is just another sign of the unfortunate change from July to August.

I feel like after the last time I wrote about having a slow week I was able to make up for it and the next week and catch back up and was actually starting to feel comfortable with where I was in this process. Last week was another slow week for me (I was working in both the morning and the evenings again for two different jobs) but unlike last time I did, this I have yet to bounce back.

I had hinted at it at the end of my last post on the "To Do List" that I had wanted to take the GRE... before August 1st. But I had waited too long to register for the test and all of the dates before the change of the month were filled. That was my goal because beginning August 1st the GRE changed its format and the type of questions that would be on the test, which according to the GRE this is a good thing. I am not so sure however because I have been studying on my sister's old GRE book from 2004 and the test hasn't changed up until now. Also when I had been describing the test in my last post my sister made aware to me more information on the new version of the test. Now thanks to my sister I am having more doubts about my abilities. Now I really wish I could have done the test before the 1st.

I also wanted to be able to take it multiple times before finally getting a good score if I needed to because I can only take the test once per month. I wanted to take it in July and then again in August if I needed to so that way I could have my scores reported to schools by the proper time. Now I need to hope that they will get there in time if I take the test in September.

August also means that I and getting closer to soccer season. Now don't get me wrong; I love soccer and I am greatly looking forward to soccer season (just not the fitness test), it just means that I won't have as much time to devote to grad school stuff. Two weeks from today I will be at training camp and doing mainly soccer things and won't have time to study, time to research schools, or time to write about that stuff. And once soccer season starts up it means that school is practically here and then I will have soccer and school as my top two priorities and then trying to find a way to fit in the stuff I need to do to get ready for grad school stuffs. I may need to take some "sick" days from classes this semester. And we all know that start of school also means the end of summer.

Maybe Slate is right and we should just do away with August.

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