Thursday, January 5, 2012

Applying Myself

This one has been a long time coming. Sorry that it has been so long but I got busy with everything like applications, holidays, family, etc.

     So, like the title of this post implies, I have been applying to the schools that are on my list.  The reason you haven't heard from me in so long is because the applications started needing to be turned in a little after my birthday on the first of December. I applied to two schools that day: UCLA and UCSB. I feel pretty good about UCSB and not so good about UCLA.

     I had a crap my pants moment as I was filling out the applications though. I realized that both schools wanted official transcripts sent to them and received at least by the due date if the application. This was a week less than a week before they were due, so I panicked. I got it all sorted out though. I had to drive up to PLU and visit student services and request transcripts, which isn't free. But Since it was so close to the due dates for those two I had to FedEx the transcripts which was $19.00 per school. They got there though, which is all that matters.

     Then I had UNC due on the 13th of December. Which I thought was strange because it is the only school that I had looked at that had an application due on that day. This application didn't go smoothly either because one of my recommendation writers had problems with the link to submit her recommendation, which I found out the day the application was due. I told her I would resend the link and that she should let me know if it worked or not. She didn't. I was in Seattle at this time and started freaking out. I had emailed a couple people in the morning. Then when I hadn't heard anything back I tried calling on the phone. The next day I finally hear back from someone and find out how to fix this problem. I let my professor know what to do and I hear back within 30 minutes that the link ended up working...

     Two days later I had three more applications due. I had Penn, Northwestern and UW all due on the 15th. Fortunately those went off without a hitch.

     Then my sister (all the way from Japan) and Christmas came, so I took a break from applying for a while (and from writing... sorry). But then after Christmas I had to get back to work. I had to apply to Georgetown which was due on the first of January. For that application I had to cut my personal statement down to 500 words when it was originally a 617.

     I decided not to apply to Harvard Business school since I wasn't feeling too confident about it and the due date was coming up shortly after I got the email from them. It was also going to be a lot of money to apply to another school and so to save money I didn't apply. I didn't feel like paying all of that money to be rejected by them.

     After getting all of those sent off I still have two applications left; Claremont and Oregon due on the 1st of February and on the 15th of February respectively. All in all, I am out a lot of money after all of this and my bank account is running really low. Since I am not as busy working applications I am looking for work during the day to supplement my soccer coaching. That's all for now. I will try to write again soon to let you know what is going on with the whole grad school process.

Officially a bachelor,

To Do List:
  1.  Apply to Claremont
  2. Apply to Oregon
  3. Find a job
Your reward:

 Courtesy of Economists Do it with Models . I know this is late but since most of the content in this posts revolves around the holidays I think this fits. Plus, it's funny.