Friday, July 9, 2010

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Kit and I am starting a blog to chronicle the process which I am about to undertake and hopefully continue for a few years to come. Here it is: I want to go to grad school for economics. Currently I am heading into my senior year at a small liberal arts university, Pacific Lutheran University, in Tacoma Washington (though it's really more in Parkland but they don't want you to know that). My major is economics, though I'm positive you could have guessed that since that is what I want to study in graduate school, with a concentration in domestic economic analysis.

This blog isn't meant to become popular or bring myself fame. It is to give people who are interested in me and my grad school endeavors. Originally I planned to start this blog once I got to grad school to keep friends and family updated on what I was doing in grad school, since I will most likely end up somewhere other than Washington, but as I started looking into grad schools and what needed to be done prior to getting there, I realized that the grad school process begins well before I would even set foot on the new campus. I wanted to let people know what is going on now with the process of my application to grad schools so they can keep up to date with that as well. This blog is also to help keep myself accountable of the steps that I need to be taking in order to reach my goal of pursuing a Phd in economics. I hope all who find this enjoy my writings and enjoy following my progress.

Kit Deming

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  1. You should add that i was your big inspiration aswell :)

    The Swede :)