Monday, July 19, 2010

Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

So here I am a week later with no real work to show for it. Last week I was working in the mornings at my normal job, the fitness center, and I always feel guilty doing personal stuff when I am supposed to be working. So last week I got very little studying done. On Friday however I was able to study at work since I worked the closing shift, (the best time to do anything but work) and was able to study some more for the GRE. I got stuff done and then while I was waiting for my wonderful girlfriend to cook me dinner I did some more studying and finished off all the the Princeton Review had to teach me about how to do well on math.

That was all the progress I made last week which was not all I had wanted to accomplish. I had wanted to call where I am planning to take the test but I did not get around to it. I don't like phones and am hesitant to call. I also wanted to practice more from the book on the sample problems included. I was able to do some of that today while working (closing shift again) after I had worked on upping the computer's Freecelll win percentage(I got it back up to 49%. some one has been draggin me down). I got through the easy, medium and some of the hard practice in between spotting people and helping them get stronger.

I breezed through the easy problems and only had one hiccup while doing the medium problems from not reading closely enough. Then I got to the hard ones. I dunno if I was really that bad at them or if I was distracted and tired of doing math but I struggled more than I would have liked. I guess I know what I need to practice: factoring. It was rough.

Fortunately when I was poking around the internets looking for more practice materials I found a free program to download from the ETS which is supposed to help me practice sort of the same way the book does... I think. It will at least have more practice questions to go over. I have downloaded the program but it is yet to be installed. Now I just need to get on that. You know what they say:... Practice makes permanent.

Going strong since 1988

To Do List
  1. Call the Test Center
  2. Practice Math + Verbal
  3. Research School
  4. Write a blog post about all of that
I am adding a new feature to reward all of you who are reading this since I know it can be boring reading the same thing over and over again (more practice yay!). So as a reward for wading through my slow progress I am going to include a video related to econ some how that I find funny. I hope you will too. Without further ado, your reward:

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